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Today with the awareness among parents about playing outdoors, we can see many children playing in parks and outdoors. There are also maternal women going for walks or sitting in the park in the early hours of the morning to get the sun rays. Children are supposed to play in sun at least in the evening sun as it is very important for their body. The rays from the sun are rich in Vitamin D which is not present in any vegetable or fruit. It is the parent’s responsibility to bring their children out to play without feeling lazy or tired. It is this time that they spend with them that makes a difference.

Benefits of playing outdoors

When it comes to benefits of playing outdoors, the parents or any nutrition or health specialist can see a list of benefits from playing outdoors. First, the abundance of Vitamin D that the skin and bones get. The growth of bones and muscles is essential for the children to grow better. When they are exposed to good light, the growth is perfect. Playing outdoors involve running, jumping, climbing, swimming and laughing. All this is essential for body. It is like an activity that becomes a fuel for the body. Many games that children play in parks are in groups. Through games played in groups, they learn leadership qualities, they try to take initiatives, initiate others to play, give ideas and make decisions. These trivial things that they learn are what they use as life lessons tomorrow. Parents should guide them and when they spend time with them playing, it creates a special bond between the parents and the child.

What parents can do

Parents need to take exceptional care of children at this age, because they tend to learn things faster. Giving them phones or play stations instead of taking them out will only make them lazy. There are many games like the phone casino, poker etc., which comes in mobile phones itself. They can also surf the internet for more information on how to set privacy settings in browsers to protect children from browsing adult contents.


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